Music Strategy Game "Orgarhythm" Hits North America on October 23

PS Vita exclusive comes from developer ACQUIRE and Takashi Hirai

Orgarhythm seems like one of those games that's tough to "get" until you actually sit down and play it, and folks in North America will get the chance to do just that when it lands on PlayStation Network. The digital download hits PS Vita exclusively on October 23, and will be priced at $29.99. 


The music strategy hybrid was developed by ACQUIRE (Tenchu, Way of the Samurai) and Neilo, a studio founded by Takashi Hirai, who worked on Space Channel 5 and was lead programmer on Shenmue. Orgarhythm lets players control armies and defend their god by interacting rhythmically with on-screen prompts. Unit types are based on Earth, Water, and Fire elements, throwing in a rock, paper, scissors aspect to the Light vs. Darkness strategy.


In addition to the solo campaign, Orgarhythm also features ad-hoc versus and co-op for two players. Learn more about the game and jam some music samples at publisher Xseed Games' official website.



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