"Sword Art Online" Fairy Dance Arc Character Designs Revealed

Check out some of the people and avatars who will appear in imminent episodes of SAO

Dengeki Online published character art for the upcoming Fairy Dance arc of Sword Art Online. This new arc, as we previously mentioned, features a new game called Alfheim Online. The character creation system is heavy on the fairy influence and there are nine races: Salamander, Undine, Sylph, Gnome, Imp, Spriggan, Cait Sith, Leprechaun, and Pooka. Apparently the game is designed so that fighting between races is the norm. If your Japanese level passes muster, you can read ahead, since this part of the anime covers volumes 3 and 4 of the original light novel series by Reki Kawahara.


Possible spoilers for season one of Sword Art Online...


First up, the characters in the real world...


Kazuto Kirigaya is now 16:




His little sister Suguha Kirigaya is 15 and practices kendo:




Agil—another player who made it back to the real world where he runs a cafe:



Shin'ichi Nagata is Suguha's classmate and knows a lot about videogames:



Noboyuki Sugō works at RECTO Progress Inc. which operates Alfheim Online:

And here are the characters in the new game, Alfheim Online:

Kirito (Kazuto's avatar) is not much different from his appearance Sword Art Online, except his hair and ears:

Asuna also looks more or less like she did in Sword Art Online:




Lyfa is a character who supports Kirito while he gets used to the new game. In spite of her appearance she's great with a sword:




Yui is an AI girl that Kirito and Asuna loved like a daughter in Sword Art Online:


Alisha Lu is a Cait Sith leader:




Sakuya is a Sylph leader:




Rekon is a Sylph boy:


Kagemune is a Salamander man:



Oberon, who is immensely powerful in the world of Alfheim Online: 




What do you guys think of the new fairy avatars?



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©川原礫/アスキー・メディアワークス/SAO Project 

Note that some the above character names are unofficial transliterations.

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