VIDEO: Dog Days' Transformation Scene - TV versus Blu-ray Comparison

A look at how Kou Yoshinari's work has evolved since broadcast

Kou Yoshinari, an animator/designer known for a style that evokes dimension and oil painting coloring (Valkyrie Profile, White Album, Evangelion: 1.0, Eureka 7), raised a whole lot of eyebrows with the transformation scene he animated for the second episode of Dog Days.


However, anime is far from static these days. With the Japanese Blu-ray release of the series, we can now see how the animation high spot has evolved since its broadcast.



Read AniPages profile of Yoshinari here:

Since Mitsuo Iso began handling the digital processing of his animation around 2000 in Blood, one of the only people I've been able to find taking up Iso's challenge has been Ko Yoshinari 吉成鋼. Where some animators have gone the route of producing their own short features independently, Ko Yoshinari has taken the concept of the one-man production and adapted it to commercial animation by personally handling the animation, processing and photography of the shots he has been assigned in commercial productions, establishing his own personal paradigm in a way.


Some other samples of Kou Yoshinari work...



Then, there's Kou's  younger brother animator Kou Yoshinari...



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