Local Moe Mascot Girl Wants Her Name

Will the cat ear girl save the local town in Japan?

It has been considered that moe female character is the best promotional tool for local areas in Japan. Fujikawa-cho, a small mountain town of 16,000 people in Yamanashi prefecture, has announced an unnamed moe mascot character to promote their specialties. The town is now inviting suggestions for a name for the girl. She is designed by a Japanese illustrator Sadoru Chiba (Gakko Gurashi, Alice to Bobo, Himegoto System, Royal Little Star).


Her profile:

Birthday: May 25th (The day of citron. The fruit is the town's principal product)

Age: Unknown

Zodiac sign/Blood type: Unconfirmed

Height: About 148cm

Character: She loves events and festivals. Tomboyish and careless.

Favorite food: Fujikawayaki Udon (the town's famous dish)

Hobby: Being in a daze watching Fuji river, Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling)


You can submit your idea to [email protected] The deadline is October 31st.

Any good name for her?



Source: Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun


© Fujikawa-cho Shokokai Seinenbu

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