"Hidamari Sketch" Tram and "Evangelion" Bus Tour Japan

"Hidamari Sketch" tram travels Kyoto area while "Evangelion" bus goes Shinjuku to Hakone

A bit of trivia, Madoka Magica's Gen Urobuchi says, because her personality is so foreign to him, he wrote the title character as if Madoka Kaname were Yuno from character designer Aoki Ume's Hidamari Sketch. Now, with Yuno and her art school apartment mates returning to anime this season in Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb, Yuno's face is now emblazoned on a Kyoto based tram.


Eizan Electric Railway Co's  Hidamari Sketch -themed trains were introduced on September 20th as the second in a series of collaboration projects between Eiden and manga publisher Hobunsha Co. that started in August. An earlier K-on! movie promotion ran last year.


A ticket package includes two all-day tickets in the form of four-frame comic strip created by Aoki, and come on cardboard mount featuring six Hidamari girls.


The two-car 700 series trains will be decorated with different illustrations and emblems until March 31.




Bonus Yuno with QB pic...


Meanwhile, Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus, running between Shinjuku and tourist spots Gotemba and Hakone will be running with Evangelion wrappings. They're planned to stay in place through May 2013.


Evangelion has a history of being tied to Hakone tourism with maps tying to the locations of Tokyo-3,  temporary Evangelion classroom, and more recently, an Evangelion gift shop opened this summer.



via The Asahi Shimbun and Moe Ota-News Sokuhō


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