Sony Rep: "Don't Judge the PS Vita Before Christmas"

Because Santa's elves are going to buy 17 million Vitas over the holiday season

While it's a solid system, the PSP did exactly what every other handheld system did against Nintendo's handheld: second place. The high-powered and pricey PS Vita is doing much worse, trailing far behind the 3DS' 20 million+ units and hovering just barely under the three-million mark. So at this point, it's pretty safe to say that the Vita is not going to light the world on fire... right?


Wrong, says Sony's Fergal Gara, who feels it's insane to sound the death knell of the Vita after almost a year.


"We'd love for us to be further on. And the release schedule for Vita was rather like the release schedule for the industry this year, in that it did dry up during the summer. We had that incredible summer of sport and very little focus on gaming.

"But the great news is that we have got the content in place. We have got the cash to invest in terms of marketing and retail to really ignite it this Christmas. To start judging a console before it has had its first Christmas is preposterous, really. And we are giving it everything we have got."

I'm all out of sarcasm. I spent it all earlier talking about that He-Man game. Y'know what would be awesome? Good, original games for the Vita--experiences you can't get anywhere else, that's the point of handheld gaming: lower development costs, so you can take more risks and try new things! There's already one--Gravity Rush--and it's f*cking awesome! Y'know what else would be cool? A price drop (which they already said they weren't gonna do).

But what about you? Do you think Sony has something special in store for the holiday season that will make the Vita a must-buy? Personally, I'm looking forward to the follow-up article I'm almost certain to do at the start of 2013.

via Destructoid

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