Gainax Features "Black Rock Shooter" Manga Artist's "Diebuster" Guest Art

TNSK provides Gainax guest illustration of Nono, Lal'C Mellk Mal and Tycho Science

Giving the Medaka Box animators a break from providing their recent string of weekly website welcome illustrations, Gainax has turned to TNSK, artist on the manga adaptation of Black Rock Shooter: The Game, for a tribute to 2004 sci-fi OVA Aim for the Top 2!: Diebuster.

Rebuild of Evangelion director Kazuya Tsurumaki helmed the six episode follow up to Hideaki Anno's 1988, in some ways proto-Evangelion, OVA Aim for the Top! Gunbuster. 

In January, TNSK was featured in a Wacom live drawing video.



Some more tribute art from TNSK's Pixiv page: (Warning, if you have the a Pixiv's adult filter turned off, TNSK likes doing semi-gory illustrations of a pink haired original character getting tortured)


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