Kanto Symphony Album Arrives to Reorchestrate "Pokémon" Tunes

Pokémon Red and Blue music gets new life, 35-track album hits iTunes

Inspired by Zelda Reorchestrated, Kanto Symphony takes Junichi Masuda's Pokémon Red and Blue compositions and updates them on a 78-minute, 35-track album arranged by Braxton "Skotein" Burks. Thanks to a partnership with Joypad records, Burks nabbed a license for the tracks and it's now officially available via iTunes.




Check out a sample of the fully orchestrated work in the clip below, including snippets of "Pallet Town," "Battle! VS Gym Leader," and more:



Kanto Symphony is priced at $9.99, and can be purchased via the previously linked iTunes page or directly from Joypad Records.


Via Destructoid



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