"Mushi-shi" Anime Creators Working on New Project - UPDATED

Hiroshi Nagahama and Koichiro Sohtome reveal collaboration at Granada's Ficzone

Director Hiroshi Nagahama (vulgar music spoof Detroit Metal City) and animator Koichiro Sohtome (fanservicey swimming anime Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho) previously worked together on acclaimed anime Now and Then, Here and There and the Tokyo Anime Award winning adaptation of Mushi-shi. Nagahama is currently attached to the adaptation of Shūzō Oshimi's manga Flowers of Evil, and he's keeping extra busy with a new Sohtome collaboration.


Appearing at Granada, Spain's Ficzone, the two said they are working together on a "secret project." Predictable hope and speculation is that it might be a follow-up to the Artland Mushi-shi anime, but, regardless, given the track record of the two, the results should feature some remarkable animation.




The Mushi-shi anime and Katsuhiro Otomo directed live-action movie were released in North America by FUNimation, while Del Rey released the original manga. The procedural follows an expert able to see ethereal beings called mushi and cure the ailments they cause.



While Hiroshi Nagahama indicated that a Mushis-shi or DMC anime could be in the works, Artland producer Chihiro Okamoto offered more hints, such as the involvement of character designer Umakoshi Yoshihiko, to suggest a new Mushi-shi anime, tentatively scheduled for next fall or winter was in their pipeline.



via Deculture koi-nya.net and AnimeSlovenija


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