Shiro Komine from Fukushima Wins Moe1 Grand Prix

18-year-old girl becomes the cutest local moe/bishoujo character

As previously reported, Moe1 Grand Prix, the first national product and tourism exhibition featuring local moe characters in Japan, was held at Bellesalle Akihabara in Tokyo on October 13th and 14th. The grand prize winning character selected by popular vote was Shiro Komine from Shirakawa-city, Fukushima prefecture. Shirakawa-city also won the grand prize in the tourism section by the presentation featuring her. Now she is the cutest local moe/bishoujo character officially. Congratulations, Shiro-chan!




Shiro Komine profile:

Age: about 18-year-old

Height: 159cm

Blood Type: O

Birthday: April 10 (Aries)

Hobby: Napping under the cherry tree, visiting sightseeing spots

Occupation: Sightseeing volunteer guide at the Shirakawa Tourist and Products Office

Favorite things: Shirakawa Ramen, people talking to me


Special fan disc vol.1 cover


Official deformed illustrations


Early sketch of Shiro


Official Shiro cosplayer


Shiro Komine PV


Source: Fukushima Minpo

Images&pics from Shiro Komine's official site and blog

© Shirakawa Kanko Bussan Kyokai

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