Rider Summoned to Lead "Fate/zero" Part 2 Prize Figures

YuruYuri lottery also scheduled for October

Following July's first Fate/zero Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Prize Figure lottery, a Part Two is running in the second half of October. Tickets are selling for 600 yen ($7.50) for a line-up lead by a 14cm Rider with Gordius Wheel chariot.


A Prize Rider with Gordius Wheel


B Prize - Saber Armor Chara Figure (10cm)

C Prize - Rider Chara Figure

D Prize Lancer Chara Figure

E Prize Clear Files

F Prize Phone Straps (8cm)

G Prize Chara Chibi Figures (6.5cm)

Double Chance Prize Saber/Rider/Lancer version 3 Chara Figure Set

There's also a (surpisingly boring/conventional) YuruYuri prize figure lottery slated for this month.


A Prize The tea ceremony club house stag set

B Prize Akarin Chara Figure (10cm)

C Prize Kyoko

D Prize Yui

E Prize Chinatsu

F Prize Face Towels

G Prize Clear Files

H Prize cup and coaster

I Prize phone strap charms

Double Chance Prize special Amusement Club set

via Moeyo

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