Cute Cat Cardboard Cosplay

Plus, Madoka voice actress Aoi Yuki photographs her kitty mauling a Kyubey plush

In honor of Guagua's birthday, the cat's blogger owner toshiya86 poster a must-see photo shoot of the kitty cardboard cosplaying as anime characters like Naruto, Gintama's Gintoki, Kiki (of Delivery Service Fame), Fate's Gilgamesh, and Blue Exorcist's Rin Okumura.



Speaking of felines, talented voice actress and less than talented illustrator Aoi Yuki (Madoka Madoka's lead) has posted pictures of her cat mauling a plush Kyubey.



And a couple of Miss Yuki's illustrations...


Weeping Madoka from a postshe wrote about empathizing with her eponymous role


Kyoko from a post where she wrote that the character eats a lot, is lonely, and strong, like a big puppy


Yuki is a notorious Kyoko fan girl.


From the Puella Magi Wiki

Aoi Yuuki (Madoka's VA) really likes Kyoko and she claimed that Kyoko is her wife. You can hear her confession in the Magical Girls Tea Party bonus CD.

    • In the commentary for Episode 5 Aoi Yuki declares her love for Kyoko and desires to marry her. Ai Nonaka questions her choice and informs her all she ever does is eat. Aoi Yuki is ok with this and declares she would just adjust.
    • Aoi Yuuki goes even more gaga for Kyoko in the audio commentaries for Episode 7: "The one I love, it's Kyoko-tan." "Kyoko-tan is the absolute best!" "it's like she isn't trying to be cool, but she's still REALLY cool."
    • In the "C81 Aniplex Madoka Special Talk CD", not even two minutes has passed and Aoi Yuki's already fangirling over Kyoko-tan~



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