VIDEO: "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" and "Sengoku Collection" Pachinko Promos

Celebrate GITS:SAC's 10th anniversary with a bit of gambling action

October 1st was the 10 year anniversary of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's debut. In honor of/to profit from the occasion, the requisite pachinko is hitting halls throughout Japan this month.


The latest episode of the Nobukobu & Zebra Tenshi no Kyuin x2 Variety, featuring SKE48 and comedian Heisei Nobushi Kobushi, gets into a showdown on "New-Century Pachinko Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex,” a machine debuting this month from Fields Corporation and Kyoraku Sangyo's new OK!! brand.


From the official English language desciption:

This machine uses beautiful images and expressive visual and audio effects to depict the world of GHOST IN THE SHELL, in which an elite force deals with new-era crime that is becoming more advanced and high-tech in the “cyberbrain” society of the near future. During game play, players can experience new types of enjoyment, such as the new, innovative game addition system the machine is equipped with.


There's also another series of better, but unembeddable promo...

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four


a few fan captures



Meanwhile on the heels of the Sengoku Collection anime, that gender swapped samurai franchise is also getting its own pachislot machine. Before becoming a 2012 Brain's Base anime, Sengoku Collection was a Konami social game, launched on  Mobage in 2010.



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