VIDEO: "Reverb", the Debut PV by Yun*chi

Model-singer pal of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Yun*chi is the latest model-turned singer act from a Japanese talent agency-promotion agency ASOBISYSTEM. And while these pair of names might not immediately set off alarm bells, it helps to know that ASOBISYSTEM helped to launch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu last year and, in the ensuing PONPONPON craze that followed, their clout in the fast-moving Tokyo fashion-music-collaboration game has grown steadily.



Now, like her pal Kyary before her (dig the pic of them both above), a new act, Yun*chi, is being groomed for success. A model, who worked with Julie Watai’s Hardware Girl photo project (which saw cute girls paired with otaku goods and vintage tech gear), Yun*chi’s debut e.p. is scheduled for release on 11/14.



The video for Yun*chi’s much-hyped debut “Reverb” was released the other day. And while it’s not quite the crazy eye candy slam dunk that PONPONPON was, it is an agreeable slice of electropop with some cool visuals. The featured Lip Dancers (who I expect to see cosplay of ASAP) were choreographed by Kyary’s peeps and song itself was produced by Kz of Vocaloid supergroup livetune. Enjoy below.



And if you still want to know more about Yun*chi, you can read a longer post about her here at my personal blog.




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