"Etrian Odyssey IV" English Screens Are All About Font Choice

Dungeon crawler hits 3DS in North America next year

Earlier this month Atlus announced the localization of Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, with plans to bring the dungeon-crawling, map-creating RPG to Nintendo 3DS in North America in early 2013. Now we have the very first English screenshots, which show how the dialogue and menus are coming along.



Aside from the screens themselves, an interesting aspect of Atlus' press release is Project Lead Nich Maragos detailing the importance of font, and how they settled on Etrian Odyssey IV's. An excerpt:


"We knew we wanted to go with a serif font for Etrian Odyssey IV, to complement the game's narration-heavy feel of reading an epic saga. From there, we browsed online font repositories and picked out a few likely-seeming candidates, then made a few crude image hacks to see how they might look when implemented in the game. Our choice had to be legible without being too basic, with the right spacing and kerning to look natural inside the existing boxes, while also being thin enough to accommodate the character limits we'd used during the editing process."


The importance of font choice in a game with so much writing is definitely overlooked by players more often than not. Pretty interesting!



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