"DoDonPachi Maximum" Heads to iOS on October 26

Vertical shooter from developer Cave will have discounted launch price

The shmup masterminds at developer Cave (Guwange, Deathsmiles) haven't had much trouble transitioning their shooters to platforms like Apple's iOS devices, and there's more on the way. DoDonPachi Maximum is up next on October 26, bringing with it a special launch price until October 29.


DoDonPachi Maximum features ships from DoDonPachi: Blissful Death and DoDonPachi: Resurrection, as well as remixed tracks from each. The game's difficulty shifts for those who are better at bullet hell style shooters, so there's something for everyone regardless of experience level. 


Here's how it looks on iPhone 4/4S:


iPhone 5 screens:


iPad screens:


The launch discount puts Maximum at $6.99 until the 29th. After that it goes up to its normal $11.99 price.



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