VIDEO: Chinese Man Attempts Real-Life Energy Blast on Defenseless Candles

Uses self-taught punching skills to try and blow out an entire row of lit candles

At some point in our lives (usually when we're young), we all try and emulate something we know is impossible in the real world. Some of us try and turn Super Saiyan. Some of us get arrested for pretending to be Wolverine.


Then, there are those of us who learn how to blow a candle out from two meters away, like 23-year-old Chen Jia, from Zhengzhou, China. Using his personal special move which he has named "Shaolin Sunshine Palm," Chen has been honing his skills for eight years after discovering the move online.



I was honestly kind of hoping he'd do it in a single punch, but it's still impressive, especially when you watch the two attempts before him. What do you think? Will this guy eventually be able to harness his chi, DBZ and Street Fighter-style, or is it just the same "blow out a candle with a snappy punch" parlor trick taken to the next level?


via Kotaku

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