Moe Character "Mone" Introduces New Custom In-Ear Monitors

Manga artist Thillayuki (Samurai Girls, Flame Arms) designs the girl

Fitear, a Japanese ear monitors brand based in Tokyo, has announced that they will release a new custom in-ear monitors "MONET" featuring a moe character named Mone Sakamoto as its image girl on October 27th. Her first name in Chinese character "萌音" means "The Sound of Moe."


"MONET" is an IEMs especially made for listening to anime songs. The Q&A section of the official site admits that president of the company is a huge anime song fan, and insinuates that her last name is (probably) taken from a famous anime singer/voice actress Maaya Sakamoto. She is designed and illustrated by manga artist Thillayuki (Samurai Girls, Flame Arms). Does Mone resemble Maaya? The price for the IEMs is 157,000 yen (about US$1,966). Do you want to have your own anime song IEMs?


Mone Sakamoto's profile

Birthday: October 28

Favorite foods: Takoyaki, Mongolian mutton barbecue, very spicy dishes

Hobby: Listening to music, collecting cat goods, playing guitar (beginner level)


"MONET" custom in-ear moniters


Source: IT Media Gadget

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