Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns for "The Legend of Conan"

One of the greatest action heroes of all time returns to the role that made him a star

Robert E. Howard's Conan is one of the most celebrated heroes of fantasy literature. He's John McClane with a sword--a take-no-prisoners guts-over-style badass who gets the job done quickly and brutally. In 1982, then-unknown Arnold Schwarzenegger made a huge splash starring as the titular Cimmerian warrior in John Milius' Conan the Barbarian, mixing epic action with stunning, otherwordly sets and storytelling.


Universal is planning to reboot the flagging franchise with the upcoming The Legend of Conan, with Schwarzenegger returning to the role of the "thief, reaver, slayer" and eventual king, picking up after the ending of the first movie and skipping Conan the Destroyer and the 2011 Conan the Barbarian. The film will be produced by Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan, both of whom have been involved with major blockbusters like Wanted and the last four Fast and the Furious films.



You can never have too much Frank Frazetta Conan art


Malmberg talked a bit about the story's direction and what they're planning:


"The original ended with Arnold on the throne as a seasoned warrior, and this is the take of the film we will make. It’s that Nordic Viking mythic guy who has played the role of king, warrior, soldier and mercenary, and who has bedded more women than anyone, nearing the last cycle of his life. He knows he’ll be going to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle."


Sounds good to me! Honestly, I don't get the hate for the 2011 film with Jason Momoa--it felt the closest to the books, where Conan is a multilingual tactical savant who is more educated than he appears (along with incredibly savage action thanks to horror director Marcus Nispel)--but the Schwarzenegger movies are fun in their own way, and I'm really looking forward to this, and I know Patrick is hoping for John Milius' return to the franchise. What about you? Are you ready to enter a world of sword and sorcery with The Legend of Conan?


via Deadline

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