Moe Girl "Sakura Yamagata" Chosen to Promote Climbing Tourism

461 junior high school students voted for her

Yamagata-shi is a city bounded by mountains in Gifu Prefecture. The estimated population is 28,894 as of September 2012. On October 18th, the city announced the winner of the illustration contest for a new character to promote climbing tourism in the region. A 34-year-old artist Eri Mori's character was chosen by the junior high school students in the city and named "Sakura Yamagata." She will be used for tourism promotional posters and signboards. And her (probably life-size) signboard will be set on the top of the mountains to attract the climbers. These are the top 5 winners of the contest. Which is your favorite Yama Girl (mountain girl)?


1st winner (461 votes)  Eri Mori


The mayor of Yamagata-city and the winner Eri Mori


2nd (176 votes) Misturu Kujime


3rd (103 votes) Minako Niwa


4th (63 votes)

5th (39 votes)

Source: Yomiuri

Images via Yamagata-city official aite


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