VIDEO: "Psycho-Pass" and "Robotics;Notes" Noitamina Cafe Promos

Choose between a psychologically healthy tofu or test your criminal potential with spicy steak

It's a bit of an absurd demonstration of what needs to be done to fund anime productions, but violent sci-fi crime series Psycho-Pass is joining the more otaku friendly new science adventure Robotics;Notes in the latest Noitamina Shop, Cafe & Theatre campaign for the course of the two Production I.G series.



Psycho-Pass theme menu items include psychologically clean "healthy" options (tofu) and a "rising criminal potential" spicy steak. Drinks will be served with series coasters.



Robotics;Notes goes for a more general scheme of series references for its menu, with dishes like Mobile Suit Gun Le Vallee Rice, Frau Pudding a la Mode and Pleiades Mask Desert Plate.



Tsuritama options are also closing out the year.



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