VIDEO: "Our Story", the English PV debut by "Bishonen Boy" YOHIO

New single now available on iTunes

YOHIO is kind of a weird…um…dude. Described by others (not us) as “The Cross-Dressing, Gender-Bending J-Pop Sensation” and “A Swedish boy who sings in Japanese and dresses like a girl”, this 17 year old guitarist for the band Seremedy has been making waves in the Land of the Rising Sun since debuting as a solo act with his “Reach the Sky” mini LP, released by Universal Music, earlier this year.


Now, YOHIO has set his sights on the rest of the world (yes, it does exist outside of Japan…sometimes) with his first English single and PV “Our Story”. Gone are the Lolita dresses of yore, replaced by one of those down jackets that hosts always seem to wear. Maybe that’s because YOHIO has said on Swedish radio that he wants to be more “guy looking” from now on... Either way, “Our Story” is not a total break with the past. Note the Japanese spoken word interlude smack in the middle of the song. As for the tune itself, we'll lean back and let you guys be the jukebox jury on it....



"Our Story" is available on iTunes now.




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