George Lucas Giving the Bulk of $4.05B Lucasfilm Buyout to Charity

"Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" creator focusing on philanthropy after selling Lucasfilm to Disney

As many of you probably know, The Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion on Tuesday. Since George Lucas owned 100% of Lucasfilm Ltd., every bit of cash and stock went to him, the man responsible for some of the greatest cinematic crimes of the modern era.



Never forgive. Never forget.


Questionable creative choices aside, the truth of the matter is that George Lucas is actually a pretty cool guy (kinda like Bill Gates), regularly and freely donating fat stacks of cash to those who need it more than he does. Earlier today, this statement was given by a Lucasfilm spokesperson:


"George Lucas has expressed his intention, in the event the deal closes, to donate the majority of the proceeds to his philanthropic endeavors."

So far, there's no specific word on who will be getting the money, but "education" seems to be a likely, if broad answer. Lucas is already the chairman of Edutopia, part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, and Lucasfilm has always been encouraging toward the creative efforts of fans--especially kids.


While this is awesome, my favorite "George Lucas charity" story would be the time he funded low-income housing in an incredibly rich neighborhood specifically to piss off his snooty neighbors while doing a good deed. I'm actually with Rob Bricken (of Topless Robot fame) in calling it even with Lucas. Okay, so he made a few bad movies--but when you give $4,000,000,000 to charity, all is forgiven... even Jar Jar. Even midichlorians. What about you? Who do you think will be getting Lucas' billions?


via The Hollywood Reporter

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