Rookie Bomber Homura Among "Madoka Magica" Prize Figures

Prize figure lottery tickets hits Japanese Lawson convenience stores this week

Following the launch debut of the first two Madoka Magica movies, Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji lottery has kicked off a new prize figure drawing. Tickets just started selling at Lawson convenience stores. And, for 600yen ($7.50) you can enter to win an Ultimate Madoka super deformed Chara Figure, a set of witch playing cards or, the adorable rookie bomber Homura figure.



A Prize Ultimate Madoka Chara Figure (10cm)

B Prize Madoka and QB transformation scene Chara Figure set (6.5cm)

C Prize Mami and Charlotte on highchair in witch barrier stage set

D Prize Homura in witch barrier stage set

E Prize Sayaka in Witch Barrier Set

F Prize Kyoko (with apples) in Witch Barrier Stage Set



G Prize Soul Gem / Grief Seed pin set (4cm each)

H Prize Trump cards (8cm)




 I prize rubber charms (6cm)


Last Prize Pearl Colored Ultimate Madoka


Second chance prize Chara figure set


via Moeyo



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