"DmC Devil May Cry" Unlocks Four Additional Difficulty Levels

Capcom also shows off a pair of new gameplay clips

When DmC Devil May Cry hits North America on January 15, 2013, hardcore players are gonna have a ton of hacking and slashing to look forward to. Capcom recently revealed four additional difficulty modes that can be unlocked beyond the initial Human, Devil Hunter, and Nephilim levels, offering plenty of challenge for those who plan on sticking with it for the long haul.


The new difficulties start with Son of Sparda mode, which features remixed enemy layouts and enemies that are tougher throughout. Dante Must Die mode takes this and adds the strongest enemies and "insane attack waves." Heaven or Hell mode makes Dante and everyone else die after one hit. Finally, Hell or Hell mode ensures that Dante alone dies after one hit. 


As a bonus, check out a couple of new videos that show off two areas, including Dante's home. 





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