VIDEO: 2012 "The Mysterious Cities of Gold 2" Opening Evokes a Bit of "Dragon Ball"

This time it's the Golden Condor versus Shenron!

Originally running in Japan in 1982, The Mysterious Cities of Gold aired in the US in the 1980s on Nickelodeon and NBC. The new series promises to pick up where the classic left off. So, the animated sequel to Studio Pierrot (Naruto) and Dic's (Inspector Gadget) classic will be sending its trio of young heroes to Asia.


With a European debut scheduled for November 17th, S.R Music has posted the opening.




The Blue Spirit animated series sees  Esteban, Zia, Tao, and the rest of the gang actually leaving South America and heading to China and Japan in search for the other six Cities of Gold.


Each episode (of a supposedly planned three seasons) will also contain a mini-documentary about the places the characters visit. Jean Chalopin, Mitsuru Kaneko, and Bernard Deyriès from the original series pitched in on the new French production.


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