McDonalds Japan to Close 110 Stores, Offers Burger Delivery Service

"McDonalds is coming..." to your house!

McDonalds is Japan’s number one food provider and anyone who has been to a major metropolitan city there has seen the impact that the American fast-food behemoth has had on both the landscape (golden arches everywhere) and on the eating habits of the average Japanese citizen (people lining up for chow and toting take out bags en masse). So it is a little bit surprising to hear that McDonalds Japan is slimming down by planning to slam the doors shut on over 100 of its lowest performing restaurants...


Rocket News 24 quotes the official company statement as saying,


“Despite the launch of new and better value menus, we have seen a decrease in sales as, in the current financial climate, dine out less frequently in an effort to economize …For this reason, we have decided to close the 110 least well performing restaurants as of the beginning of 2013.”

"Thanks for the memories!" 


The good news is that McDonalds Japan will compensate for the growing hamburger deficit  by expand its burgeoning delivery service. Let’s hope that a fleet of scary Japanese Ronald McDonalds will soon be delivering Big Macs, Fillet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounders, French Fries, Icy Cokes, Thick Shakes, Sundaes, and Apple Pies across the Land of the Rising Sun.


Parting thought: Can you imagine how totally !#*&^? we’d all be if McDonalds began delivering around the globe?!?!? 


Source: Rocket News 24




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