More of Akira Amano's Original "Psycho-Pass" Designs Revealed

"Reborn" author draws Tomomi Masaoka and Shion Karanomori

It's interesting to see an anime starring adult professionals, and it's extra interesting to see that type of character designed by a manga author known for their shounen work. The official site for sci-fi crime anime Psycho-Pass has continued to reveal Reborn creator Akira Amano's original Psycho-Pass illustrations with two new designs.


Tomomi Masaoka



Shion Karanomori

Previously posted  


Shinya Kōgami 


Akane Tsunemori



The site has also posted a look at Nitro+'s Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass BD Game, slated to be included on the first Blu-ray of the series


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