"One Piece Film Z" Moviegoers to Get Manga Vol.1,000 in Japan

Special story by the original manga creator Eiichiro Oda

Following Volume 0 for the 2009 movie Strong World, Japanese moviegoers who see One Piece Film Z, which will be released in Japan on December 15th, will receive "Treasure bag of the pirate" including Volume 1,000 of the manga drawn by the original creator Eiichiro Oda himself for the film. The manga comes with a scratch lottery to win gorgeous prizes. The story of the manga and other items in the bag have not been revealed yet. 


In 2009, the movie distributor printed 1.5 million copies of Volume 0 for the Japanese moviegoers who went to see One Piece Film: Strong World. The 1.5 million copies were sold out immediately, so they had to print another 1 million for the fans. A similar situation is expected to repeat for Film Z in December this year.



"One Piece Film Z" trailer


The flyer


Source: Oricon Style


© Eiichiro Oda/2012 One Piece Film Production Committee

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