VIDEO: AKB48's Mayu Watanabe Glows Brightly in Vocaloid-inspired PV

"Hikaru Monotachi" set for release in Japan on 11/21

Mayu Watanabe is one of the most popular members of the all-girl, all-singing, all-dancing idol group juggernaut AKB48. So popular is Watanabe in fact that she’s has her own solo career to look after in addition to her AKB48 duties.


"Hikaru Monotachi", set for release in Japan on 11/21, will be Watanabe’s third single, and from the looks of the special effects heavy and Vocaloid-inspred video (below), it looks like it will be targeting otaku types with laser beam like precision.



I’ve never seen a real-life idol trying to look like a virtual idol who herself is trying to look like a real life idol before, but I guess you learn something new everyday...


BONUS! Promo images from the "Hikari Monotachi" campaign:






Source: Tokyo Hive



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