VIDEO: World's Tallest Bipedal Robot Walks!

Hajime Sakamoto's real giant robot is back in the news

Mad science report! Humanoid robot maker Hajime Sakamoto of Hajime Research Institute is back is in the news again. Back in July, his latest advancement towards building a working giant robot was that his 4 meter model with cockpit had an assembly of the waist with moving legs.


The lab is now opening their doors to show off their latest progress towards walking.



of course, the inspiration is Gundam...


The last step towards a working giant was robot was in the 7-foot No.33



now decorated


and with a master/slave control harness


the near complete Robot Unit 43's lower body... the upper half is planned for spring 2013.

legs are two meters high and weigh 250kg





Speaking of real robots, to promote AR/robot sci-fi anime Robotics;Notes, noitanimA has has been posting a series of featurettes from the Robo-1 robot building competition...

via Gigazine


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