VIDEO: Latest "Sword Art Online" and "Accel World" Game Commercials

Second "Accel World" and first "Sword Art Online" game hit Sony platforms in first quarter 2013

Bandai Namco will be continuing their series of games based on Reki Kawahara's sci-fi gaming light novels with the second Accel World game,  Apex of Acceleration, coming for PSP and PlayStation 3 on January 31, and the first Sword Art Online game, Infinity Moment, hitting the PSP on March 14th.


Accel World 02: Apex of Acceleration, focuses on fourth grader Utai Shinomiya and her relationship with Black Snow Princess, is due in early 2013.


In a fan-servicey bonus, the game will be pakaged with a hot springs anime OVA.


Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, joins Kirito, Asuna and company after they've made it 75 floors into the Aincrad floating castle. A system problem corrupts the remaining 25 floors, causing chaotic new challenges for the heroes.


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