Character Printed "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Boxer Briefs Offered in Japan

With famous dialogs and sound effects from the series

Bandai Premium, Bandai's official online store, has started accepting pre-orders for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-themed apparel goods including character printed boxer briefs, emblem brooches designed by the original manga creator Hirohiko Araki, and parkas modeled on Stands from the series. Previously those items were available only at Hirohiko Araki Exhibition in Sendai (July-August) and Tokyo (October-November). They will be shipped in January 2013. Which story arc's briefs do you want to wear?


Part 1&8 boxer briefs set (5,250 yen/about US$65.65)


Part 2&5 boxer briefs set


Part 3&7 boxer briefs set


Part 4&6 boxer briefs set


Emblem brooches set (5,250 yen/about US$65.65)


Stand "Cream" parka (6,300yen/about US$78.87)


Stand "Soft & Wet" parka (6,300yen/about US$78.87)


Source: Press Release



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