Shotaro Ishinomori's "Mutant Sabu" Manga Now In English

First-ever English release of title from Ishimori Pro archives

Upstart digital manga publisher Amimaru Inc. looks to make a name for itself by publishing the less commonly known titles from well-known authors, with the twist of offering the titles on a premium basis via custom app on Facebook. The latest release by the publisher is one of manga legend Shotaro Ishinomori's lesser-known titles in Mutant Sabu


Mutant Sabu cover


As described by Amimaru, in Mutant Sabu, a young man named Sabu gets into a car accident where he gets run over and nearly killed. After a blood transfusion in the hospital, he realizes that he can suddenly read the thoughts of other people. The transfusion has also awakened other powers within him, and he finds he can also use mind control and telekinesis. Eventually, Sabu starts finding other people with powers similar to his. However, he also finds himself to be of great interest to mad scientists, government spies and powerful corporations, which gets him involved in one strange case after another.


It should be noted that Comixology recently announced the acquisition of the entire Ishimori Productions manga catalog for distribution via its own service which also includes Mutant Sabu, but Comixology has yet to include the title in its own library.


The title is now available on the Amimaru Facebook app for 10 Facebook credits or USD $1 per chapter with the first chapter available now and more information on its official site. Any Ishinormori fans looking forward to reading this? I read the preview chapter and it looked pretty good

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