Capcom Moving to Internal Development to Improve Quality

Middling response to outsourced projects makes Capcom return to in-house development

In the eyes of longtime fans, Capcom has been a falling star as of late. The jack-of-all-trades company was responsible for quirky platformers, innovative RPGs, fighting games of all stripes, and even the occasional ridiculously fun arena-style shooter.



No, for real.


Lately, though, the company we all grew up with has been outsourcing development for classic franchises, either delivering less-than-impressive games or being a source of major contention for fans. Bionic Commando was developed by GRIN, the insanely buggy Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was handled by Slant Six, and the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry reboot is under the guidance of Ninja Theory--that last one isn't even out yet, and the most vocal fans are doing their usual song-and-dance.


Probably in an effort to return to their glory days, Capcom released a statement that they would be returning their focus to in-house development, and adding another 1,000 developers to current 1,500-strong development team. Capcom doesn't foresee any major changes in terms of development costs, and resources and expenditures will be pulled from outsourced projects to strengthen internal development.


While I think this is good news, the last two major internally-developed Capcom titles have been Resident Evil 6 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Also, with almost all of Capcom's star developers and consultants having either moved to Platinum, Sony, or starting their own companies, does the company still have the talent to make things "like they used to be?" What do you think?


via Gamasutra

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