"Girls und Panzer" Locations and Cakes in Real Life

Art immitates life and life immitates art

 As strange as Girls und Panzer's core concept of an interscholastic tank battle sport may be, the anime has a remarkable grasp on reality. Not only does it have a military otaku's with obsession  mech details, beyond all the references to the real convenience store chain SunKus, a lot of real geography is pulled into the anime.



From the real locations in  Ooarai town (in Ibaraki prefecture)


There's even a map of the route taken by the tanks in episode 4.

with multiple more here


for the flip side, episode 5 inspired some life immitating art



North: Genius
South: Baka
East: Noisy
West: Quiet

The background character who is this series object of fan obession

via @Ikari_Gendo and Moe Ota-News Sokuhō


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