VIDEO: Admirals Clash in Latest "One Piece Film Z" Promo

Kizaru versus villainous ex-admiral Z!

In the latest One Piece Film Z promo, we get a bit of the 15th anniverary movie's guest star, Japanese Academy Award nominee Teruyuki Kagawa (Warau IemonKita no zeronen villain in the new Kenshin live action), who plays Bin "the Navy Ninja." Better than that, we get a look at Kizaru versus villainous ex-admiral Z.



The other guest star in the movie is singer/actress Ryoko Shinohara (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie themeas Ain "The Sexy Scientist."

Both characters are paramecia-type devil fruit users, with Ain's Modo Modo fruit allowing her to reverse her opponent's age. The specifics on Bin's Mosa Mosa haven't been revealed.




Film Z opens in Japan December 15th.




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