Now You Can Buy "Dead or Alive 5" Collector's Edition Swimsuits

Suits available in smaller packs or full-on swimsuit bundles on PSN and XBL

Just because you didn't get a chance to pre-order or pick up the collector's edition of Dead or Alive 5 doesn't mean you have to miss out on decking out the roster's ladies in swimsuits. Team Ninja made the DLC costumes available for purchase on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, where they can be picked up in individual packs or larger bundles. 


The first three sets are available for $2.99/240 MS Points. The Angels pack below includes costumes for Kasumi, Hitomi, and Leifang. 



The Devils pack offers up suits for Ayane, Christie, and Tina.



The DOATEC Divas pack outfits Kokoro, Lisa, and Helena.



Then there are the Player's Swimwear packs, which can be purchased individually for $4.99/360 MSP, or you can get all three for $12.99/1040 MSP.


Player's Swimwear Pack 1 (Kasumi, Kokoro, Helena, and Sarah):



Player's Swimwear Pack 2 (Hitomi, Leifang, Mila, and Pai):



Player's Swimwear Pack 3 (Ayane, Christie, Tina, and Lisa): 



That should satisfy DOA5 swimwear enthusiasts for the foreseeable future.



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