Theme Park Namco Namja Town Offers "One Piece" Dishes

Enjoy the newest movie with the One Piece desserts

The 12th One Piece movie One Piece Film Z will be released in Japan on December 15th, only one month away! In commemoration of the release, Namco Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, plans to offer more than 20 special foods and desserts featuring the One Piece characters including Luffy, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, Usopp, and Brook. You can also get special prizes for each orders. The campaign "One Piece Film Z in Namco Namja Town" will start on November 23rd. Which one do you want to try?


"Luffy's Pirate Flag Ice"

"Chopper Gelato (Italian ice cream)"

"Thousand Sunny Crepe Cake"

"Usopp Ice"

"Sanji's Pirate Pudding"

"Nami's Berry Berry Snow"

"Brook's Strawberry Mont Blanc"

Prize: Character portraits (Luffy & Zoro)

Prize: Cork Coaster

Namco Namja Town passport One Piece Film Z ver.

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© Eiihiro Oda/One Piece Production Committee

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