"Hyouka" Investigates the Mystery of Rice Promotion

Three varieties of rice labeled for anime series will be available in December

Mystery anime Hyouka is the latest series to get involved with local agriculture promotion. Beginning December 1st, visitors to Gifu prefecture’s Takayama city will be able to purchase rice named for the hit Kyoto Animation anime.


Three types are available:

  • “Hyouka Rice” / 氷菓米(飛騨産コシヒカリ)2kg– 1,575 yen
  • “Chitanda Eru Rice”  / 千反田える米(飛騨産コシヒカリ)2kg — 1,575 yen
  • “Chitanda Eru Rice Premium” / 千反田える米プレミアム(飛騨産いのちの壱)2kg — 3,150 yen


While the only difference between the rice named for the series and the one named for its heroine is the packing, “Chitanda Eru Rice Premium”  is harvested on the high mountains at a height far above sea level, with only 20 bags being made available on the first Saturday of every month.





Back in July, the Juroku Bank, a local bank in Gifu Prefecture, estimated that the fans of the school mystery TV anime Hyouka would bring bring over 2.1 billion yen (approximately US$27 million) into the local economy in 2012. The story of Hyouka is set in Kamiyama-city, a fictional city based on the author's hometown, Takayama-city. The town is located in the northern part of the prefecture with estimated 91,890 population. The Juroku Bank expects visitors to the city for the locations of the anime will be 150,000 in this year.




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