VIDEO: "Fate/EXTRA CCC" Gilgamesh Promo

Servant to be playable in sequel to PSP RPG

Like the first Fate/EXTRA game, the CCC player picks a male or female student for their player character master, then they select Servant partner: (Bride) Saber, Archer, (Foxy) Caster... or, new to the sequel... "King of Heroes" Gilgamesh. See Marvelous AQL's new Gilgamesh promo below.



Player Master








Returning NPC masters Rin Tousaka, Shinji Matou, Leo, and Rani


Newly revealed, the game will feature characters including:


Karna is servant voiced by Koji Yusa (Yoru no Ou from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Lunatic from Tiger & Bunny). The sun god previously showed up in Fate/Apocrypha.


Jineko is a net addict master voiced by Aoi Yūki (Madoka Kaname)


Mysterious servant voiced by Rumi Okubo (YuruYuri's Chinatsu)



SHAFT (Madoka Magica) will be animating the opening for upcoming dungeon role-player Fate/EXTRA CCCTYPE-MOON writer Kinoko Nasu said that CCC will have more voice acting and story volume than Fate/Extra, and also that "eros" and "a girl’s passion" are themes for the story.

Key to that story, the game will feature a mystery girl who looks and is voiced by the same actress as the teen version of Fate/Stay night and Fate/Zero'Sakura Matou.







A special TYPE MOON Virgin White Box set, which includes:


- The PSP boxart by Takashi Takeuchi
- Bride figma
- A visual artbook collection
- Sakura Tange (Saber) limited character song album


The set is priced at ¥10,479




The Imageepoch developed PSP RPG Fate/EXTRA CCC hits February 21, 2013. The first Fate/Extra was released in North America by Aksys.


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