"Evangelion" Retort-pouched Soup Curries Offered in Hokkaido

In commemoration of the 3.0 movie release tomorrow

The long-awaited newest Evangelion film Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo finally hits Japanese theaters tomorrow. By the huge popularity, more than 20 Japanese companies have collaborated with the series. It seems anything features Evangelion sells tremendously well in Japan now.


Bell Foods, a food company based in Hokkaido, has announced they will release "Evangelion Soup Curry" in commemoration of the movie release. The product also collaborates with "Evangelion Exhibition x Sapporo" which will start in Sapporo-city in Hokkaido on the same day. The retort-pouched soup curries features the five main characters from the series, Rei Ayanami (vegetable), Asuka Langley (chicken), Mari Illustrious Makinami (beans), Shinji Ikari (scallop), and Kaworu Nagisa (mushroom). The curries will be available at the exhibition, Eva Store, and the company's online site. The price for one pack (200g) is 600 yen (about US$7.40). Which character's curry do you want to taste?


The poster


Rei's vegetables soup curry

Asuka's chicken soup curry

Mari's beans soup curry

Shinji's scallops soup curry

Kaworu's mushroom soup curry

Box for five packs set with the NERV logo

Source: Press Release


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