Gainax Reacts to "Victoria's Secret" Evangelion "Homage"

Animation studio caught off-guard by plugsuit costume featured in fashion show

Following the initial hysteria caused by the appearance of what looked to be an officially sanctioned Eva plugsuit costume during the Victoria's Secret fashion show last week, Japanese entertainment portal J-Cast looked to get a response from Gainax about the costume, thinking it was some sort of official tie-in, owing to this weekend's premiere of Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo in Japan.


Victoria's Secret plugsuit 1


The truth however, is much more surprising. It turns out that Gainax found out about the homage at the same time everyone else did once the first pictures from the fashion show started to surface via the internet, with J-Cast going as far as translating select reactions from a Kotaku report. Needless to say, to call their reaction a surprise is an understatement, as Gainax is fiercely protective of their character designs, designs that make them millions of dollars a year in merchandising revenue.


Victoria's Secret plugsuit 2


Officially, Gainax has yet to take any sort of legal or official action regarding the outfit, stating that they were shocked that it even existed in such a manner, but the fact that the studio confirmed during the J-Cast interview that they were not contacted at any point by Victoria's Secret or their corporate parent in Limited Brands regarding the costume design does not bode well, as the costume itself is more than a simple tribute to Rei's plugsuit to the trained eye.


Victoria;s Secret plugsuit comparison


Now that we know what Gainax thinks, do you think Victoria's Secret should step up and offer an explanation on the costume design, or would Gainax be justified in the pursuit of legal action? I've gone ahead and emailed the corporate parent looking for a response and haven't heard back yet, but if everyone spreads this around, we might get an answer sooner rather than later.

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