Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion and More Revoltech Figure Releases

Beyond Drifter's Shimazu Toyohisa, a return to the figure line's original mecha focus

The super articulated Revoltech figure line has just released their version of Sengoku samurai Shimazu Toyohisa from Hellsing author Kouta Hirano's historical figure versus fantasy manga Drifters, but, beyond that, this winter's slate of Revoltech figures is heavy on the line's original mecha focus.


See the line-up below.


Revoltech Yamaguchi No.124 EVA-02 Production Model with New Equipment - recently released

New Equipment Size: Appx. 340mm
EVA-02 Size: Appx. 140mm
Articulation Points; 22
Joints Used: 17
(10mm x 2, 8mm x 8, 6mm x 2, 4mm x 4)

Included parts:
-Super electromagnetic European crossbow
-Progressive knife x 2
-Umbilical cable
-Optional hand parts x 12
-Display stand & extension pars
-Stand support parts


Revoltech Yamaguchi No.125 Drifters Toyohisa Shimazu - recently released

Size: Appx. 140mm Tall
Articulation Points: 22

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Optional hand parts x 6
-Optional face part
-Notachi (long)
-Nodashi sheath
-Short cylinder
-Nodachi (short)
-Short cylinder joint parts
-Revo container
-Display stand set
-Effect base

Joints used: 19
(10mm joint x 5, 8mm joint x 6, 6mm joint x 2, 4mm joint x 6)

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.100EX EVA-01 Test Type Eva Racing 2012/ Evangelion RT EVA-01 Apple Shiden - to be released shortly

Pre-painted Complete PVC Action Figure (Partially ABS)
Size: Appx. 140mm Tall
Articulation Points: 22
Joints Used: 16
w/4th Angel, lighting display (including damaged arm, damaged skull, 8mm double joint), palette gun, progressive knife, umbilical cable, optional head, optional hand x 12, EVA-01 bleeding effect, transparent display stand with extension parts

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.121EX Silver Rathalos From "Monster Hunter" - to be released in December

Size: Appx. 205 x wind span 285mm
Articulation Points: 23
Joints Used: 20 (10mm joint x 7, 8mm joint x 9, 6mm joint, 4mm joint x 3)
w/Fire ball effect, cut tale part, hunter, stand fixing parts, display stand & extension part

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.126 Tachikoma From "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX"

Size: Appx. 115 x 80mm
Articulation Points; 18
Joints Used: 7 (10mm x 4, 6mm, 6mm W x 2)
w/Pullback system, magnet, optional manipulator x 2, manipulator supporting parts x 2, oil bottle

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.126EX Tachi Yellow From "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX" - to be released in December

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.127 Naked Jehuty from "Zone of the Enders" - to be released in January

Size: Appx. 140mm Tall
Articulation Points: 29
Joints Used: 17 (10mm joint x 3, 8mm joint x 2, 6mm joint x 4, 4mm joint x 8)
w/Beam wing x 2, manipulator (optional hand parts) x 6, landing gear (leg stand) x 2, regular joint plate, cannon connecting backpack, display stand & extension part, stand supporting part

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