VIDEO: Gumi Sings Bittersweet New "The Transient Apple Salesgirl"

And go a bit lighter with a Miku Miku Dance animated Madoka Magica take on Hatsune Miku's Ievan Polkka

Always awesome vocaloid translator  has gone to work on a touching new song from vocaloid Gumi called "The Transient Apple Salesgirl."



From 's translation notes

An apple one day keeps immortality away.

yukkedoluce? Never heard of 'em.

A slight detail: When "hanashi" (tale) is said in reference to the girl/boy, the "shi" is fully pronounced, but when used for everyone else, it sounds more like "hanash." "Shi" means death.

for a bit more Gumi, "High School Hero" 


And Gumi goes RPG in "Dance With Enemy"


For something a bit lighter, but still vocaloid related, a Madoka Magica talk on Hatsune Miku's  Ievan Polkka


And a choral version of Mami's theme


And speaking of Hatsune Miku...

A Love Letter For an Imaginary Girl



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