VIDEO: Anime Effects Pilot For Earlier Incarnation of Mamoru Oshii's English, Live Action Movie

A look at an earlier approach to Oshii's "The Last Druid: Garm Wars"

Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii is now moving on English live action military sci-fi thriller The Last Druid: Garm Wars, but the film, planned for 2014, has been gestating over the course of 15 years. Several short pilots were produced as a precursor to test ways in which anime effects could be integrated with live action.


See a sample of one of these prototypes below.

RoGW pilot film by manuloz


The Digital Engine Project was produced with an approach simular to a live action tokusatsu movie. Shinji Higuchi (God Warrior Attacks director - also a key member of Daicon/Gainax member, who made a significant contribution to Evangelion - also special effects director on the 90's Gamera trilogy and director on the 2006 version of The Sinking of Japan) was to handle that angle.

staff at the time was to feature Director: Mamoru Oshii Screenplay: Kazunori Ito (GITS, Avalon) Mech designer Jun Suemi (Patlabor WXIII) Production FX: Shinji Higuchi (Lorelei, Evangelion, TOP 2!) Production Digital FX: Hiroyuki Hayashi (Sky Crawlers, Avalon) Supervision Digital FX: Nobuaki Koga (End of Evangelion, Avalon), Seiichi Tanaka (Patlabor 2 GITS), Atsuki Sato (Gamera) Art Design: Takashi Watanabe (Jin roh, Metropolis) Mecha Design: Atsushi Takeuchi (GITS, Sky Crawlers) Mahiro Maeda (Or Gankutsu), Isamu Imagake (Aea 88), Norifumi Kyozumi (Moderator: Jin Roh) Music: Kenji Kawai (GITS Avalon, The Sky Crawlers) Production Animation: Production IG.

This also yeilded the unproduced live action Patlabor movie

But instead of going forward on that project, Oshii went on to make his earlier live action movie Avalon

The live action film's announcement included the statment from Oshii:

“For me, Garm Wars is a film that I've always wanted to turn into a reality. I started planning this work right after the release of Ghost in the Shell some 15 years ago. But unfortunately, at that time, the digital environment need to realize the visuals was too undeveloped, and I was unable to create and release this film to the world. However, now in 2012, the environment for producing films has transformed, especially in digital technology which is currently operating at a shocking level compared to the time I first conceived this project. At long last, Garm Wars' time has come. Fifteen years later, I'm eager to once again tackle this work with a new staff and cast. Best of all, making an English language film with actors active in English-speaking countries is a big adventure for me and I'm hoping for great results.”

Taking place in a world of war known as Annwn, Garm Wars sets the scene with clone soldiers from 3 military tribes, in a bloody and perpetual battle of air, land and technology. One clone, Khara, finds herself separated from battle and on the run with unlikely companions. In seeking to know more about their joint existence, the fugitives instead find an unrelenting truth and the greatest battle of their lives.


via MangAnimation

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