Resident Evil and Psycho-Pass Gun Replicas Offer Fictional Firearm Face-off

A look at model Psycho-Pass Dominator and airsoft version of S.T.A.R.S.' Samurai Edge

In addition to the Komissa-chan mascot goods and WPC accouterments, noitaminA is merchandising the heck out of sci-fi crime anime Psycho-Pass' Dominators weapons. You can get a cell charm, a leather purse, or even a 18,900 yen ($230) model kit.


A limited quantity of the kit will be available at December's Megahobbi Expo 2012


The purse/(pouch) is being offered by noitaminA apparel - the 19cm×11.5cm accessory sells for 8,295yen ($100)


Phone charm


Meanwhile Resident Evil fans will soon be able to pick up a realistic replica airsoft gun of S.T.A.R.S.' Samurai Edge.


SIG p226 - due in spring for 27,090yen (a little over $300 USD)


Samurai Edge - currently on sale for 16,800yen ($205)


Samurai Edge via Bloody Digusting



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