Gamer Plays "CoD: Black Ops II" for Five and a Half Days

Final time is a Guinness record-breaking 135 hours and 50 minutes, with scheduled breaks so he didn't go nuts

The last time we talked about a Call of Duty marathon, it ended up with some kid going to the hospital.


This time, it's an actual adult--28-year-old Okan Kaya of Australia--who's played the multi-million-selling military FPS to exhaustion, with his final playtime clocking in at 135 hours and 50 minutes. Kaya played Call of Duty: Black Ops II's multiplayer mode for the entire time, following new Guinness regulations that allowed him a ten-minute break every hour (which could also be taken consecutively).


There was plenty of attention given to Kaya's marathon multiplayer session, like bringing in new witnesses every four hours, with video footage of the marathon being sent to Guinness for verification. While it hasn't been confirmed as the world record yet, the previous longest time was held by two Canadian gamers playing the Resistance games for 120 hours and 7 minutes.


"It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad it's over," Kaya commented on trying to not just beat a world record, but leave it in the dust.


You ever notice how it's first-person shooters that are always played in marathons for records? Why doesn't somebody hop on Super Street Fighter IV AE Ver. 2012's Endless Battle for a week straight? Personally, I want to see what his K/D was on the fifth day. What do you think about all this?


via GameSpot

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