Inside The Exhibition of ONE PIECE - Pictures x Movies x Experience's Osaka Update

Special exhibit celebrates 15 years of One Piece ahead of December Film Z premiere

With 15th anniversary One Piece movie Film Z set to hit Japanese theaters December 15th,The Exhibition of ONE PIECE - Pictures x Movies x Experience has reopened in Osaka's Gallery Tempozan in weekend.


Get a look inside the original exhibition from its spring Tokyo here.


The updated Osaka version...






Trafalgar Law joins the Warlords section of the exhibit


Volume 61 cover reproduced in live size


Reproduction of Oda's desk


Oda's designs for the Film Z movie




Gates of Justice


Robin and Nami welcome visitors


Impel Downs section


Fishman Island section


New World Gallery from original exhibit


movie lead in One Piece 574 and 575 Previews


Ep of Luffy Special


and from the latest movie teaser


packaging for the soundtrack


Comments that Oda has made about the movie in interviews include

・Oda asked the staff to insert several comical scenes, but the staff wouldn’t agree.

・Oda is afraid of the ONE PIECE boom. He is sometimes at a loss for what to do.

・People aside from Oda depict Luffy and Zoro too chatty.

・Oda corrected the script hundreds of times. ex.”Luffy won’t say such a thing, Mr.Suzuki (scenario writer).”

・Oda was deeply impressed at the opening movie and all action scenes.

・Luffy is not a hero. He never never refers to justice.

・Nagamine (animation director) described Z too attractive, so Oda continued saying to him that Luffy was the leading character.

・Masayuki Sato is by far the best ONE PIECE staff. He can draw a picture that is very similar to Oda’s manga.

・Oda completely trusts the voice actors of the strawhat pirates.

・The last scene can exist because Luffy and Z are the same kind in that they are both dreamers.

・Oda is not good at drawing machines. He respects Akira Toriyama, who can easily draw complex machines.

・Oda collaborates with Dupont in the film.(Sanji’s cigarette lighter)
The price of the gold lighter is about 20 thousand dollars.

animator Yutaka Nakamura draws Zoro and Sanji

via Comic Natalie and @0XMURADX0

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