"Unchained Blades" Sequel Localization a Possibility

XSEED's eShop release of the first game is still pending

Unchained Blades was supposed to land on both PSP and Nintendo 3DS as a download, but so far it's only hit the former portable. According to publisher XSEED, the eShop release is still pending, but once that's taken care of they can start thinking about localizing the sequel. 


Siliconera originally asked XSEED Executive Vice President Ken Berry about the delay earlier this month, and he explained the situation behind it: 


"We have to work through a lot of technical hurdles for the eShop release of Unchained Blades. We could be looking at an early December release if things continue to go well."


A fan checked in with a recent question about localizing the sequel, UnchainBlades Exxiv. XSEED responded, remaining hopeful about the December release of the first game before adding, "then maybe we can start thinking about the sequel." 


We've covered Exxiv quite a bit in the past, especially when it comes to its vaunted roster of big name artists who contributed character designs. Check out one of the last promos for a closer look. Hopefully XSEED can overcome the snags and get Unchained Blades on the eShop so we can all look forward to its follow-up. 



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